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Music Business Convertor Ltd

Keskuskatu 14 
31600 Jokioinen

+358 40-5887901 
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Business ID: FI14817783


Convertor Ltd was established in 1998 and it has since the beginning been working to improve and diversify the Finnish accordion enthusiasts and professional player's choice and better services.

Convertor has always been a business idea to bring their collection of musical instruments from a number of  manufacturers. We believe that no one accordion manufacturer is not the best in all areas. Others are building better free bass accordions for small children, others bigger standardbass accordions for adults. Choosing the strengths of the various builders of the collections we have assembled a superior collection offered to the Finns quite discerning consumers.

Convertor Ltd sells also in a wide range of accordion sheet music, which is suitable largely for pedagogical use. You will also find new Finnish accordion music - especially from AMS-production Ky -publisher.

Convertor Oy • Keskuskatu 14,31600 Jokioinen • 040-5887901 • 03 4384258 •
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