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Music Business Convertor customer data privacy policy

Privacy Policy 08/21/2013

Combined register and information document 
The Personal Data Act (523/1999) § 10 and § 24

The Registrar

Music Business Convertor Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Convertor") 
Business ID 1481778-3 
Central Street 14 
31600 Jokioinen 
Phone: +358 (0) 3 4384258

Register Person in charge

Register Secretarial 
Ari-Matti Saira 
Phone: +358 (0) 40 4887901

Name of the register

Convertor customer register

The purpose for the register

Personal information is handled in customer management and development, such as customer surveys, as well as the implementation of the provision of services and implementation. In addition, the processing of personal data Convertor business and service designing, analyzing and developing, and marketing, which can also contain Convertor ranges of partners' products and services marketing. The registry to handle the purchase and transaction information may also be used for profiling and tender, interests, and other marketing activities and customer communications to allocate to register interesting.

Content of the register

The customer's basic information, such as your first and last name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth or social security number, gender, and language.

Providing customer-related data, such as customer number and customer level.

Customer to treat the necessary information, such as communication with the customer and targeted marketing related information.

Information on marketing authorizations and prohibitions.

Regular sources of information

Customer's own declaration, such as the client application, the personal data of the services are provided by companies or authorities, such as the Population Register Centre update service Convertor Webshop accumulating from the use of purchase and contact information, as well as Asiakastieto Finland Oy, a credit information registry.

Disclosure of data and transfer of data to the EU or the European Economic Area

Convertor may release information Convertor communities who have concluded a cooperation agreement with customer orders for delivery. Convertor partners do not use the information for other purposes and do not share your information with third parties. Convertor may disclose customer information to authorities, the laws in force within the limits of.

Information is not disclosed to the EU or the European Economic Area.

Principles for the protection

Loyal customer records stored electronically. The register shall be adequately protected from external firewalls and other technical protection measures. The register is not kept in hard copy.

Only designated persons shall have the right to use and maintain the data. Each user has a personal username and password. Users are bound by professional secrecy.

Inspection, repair, and prohibition of

The customer has the right to control what data relating to him are stored in the register. The inspection request must be sent in writing and signed to:

Ari-Matti Saira 
Convertor Ltd 
Keskuskatu 14 
31600 Jokioinen , Finland

The inspection request may also be submitted in person at our store in Jokioinen. 
The audit request in person upon presentation of a client be involved in identification. Personally, the request must be confirmed by signing the request form.

Convertor is responsible for verification of the information requests in writing.

If the customer's information is incorrect, you may submit a request to the registrar to correct the error.

The customer has the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct marketing purposes by notifying the letter Convertor registration secretary, tel. +358 40 5887901 or e-mail:


Maksukaista Lasku - Maksukaista Invoice:

The arvato Finance offers an option to pay the order by an invoice. The payment term is 14 days. Paying by the invoice requires to be over 18 years old, to have a valid credit history, to have a registered address in Finland in the Population Register and the goods to be delivered to the registered address in Finland.

If total sum of the purchase exceeds 50 euros, you can decide to pay the invoice in parts. Activating the part payment requires accepting the PayByBill terms and conditions and to pay the minimum part stated in the invoice. The remaining part of the credit can be paid at any time without any extra expenses. 

2,90 eur credit fee and interest rate are added to the monthly invoice. The current yearly interest rate is 19,50%. The interest rate is tied to the interest rate defined by the European Central Bank twice a year. In addition, one time fee of 9,50 eur is invoiced for opening the credit account. PayByBill terms are available in:

Convertor Oy • Keskuskatu 14,31600 Jokioinen • 040-5887901 • 03 4384258 •