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Fuselli JetSet

It is always a challenge to carry an accordion in an aeroplane. With the JetSet -accordion bag you will manage. Just divide your accordion in two parts, treble and bass+bellow. Then pack the halves to their bags and go to plane. After landing you connect the accordion halves AND also connect your JetSet halves to one. You will have an excellent carrying bag in every day use, too. This is super handy.

Now available in different sizes:

  • Bayan 64: Full size concert Bayan up to 48cm
  • Piano-Bayan: Bayan with a piano claviature up to 54cm
  • Piano 120: Standard cassotto piano accordion (also button accordions)



Bag one.JPG

Here the JetSet is in one piece. The bayan is in playing position in the bag. You can carry it with a handle, or you can put it on your back and use shoulder straps. The cover parts are now together - connected to the bag with clips - and you can put f.ex. scores between them.

Bags together.JPG

Here the JetSet is as two halves. Still you can put the halves together. This function is very good when you travel forward from aeroport.

Bass bag.JPG

Here you can see the bass side in the bass bag. The bellow covers the bass reeds.

Treble bag.JPG

Here is the treble side situated to the treble bag. An extra shield can be adjusted to cover treble cassotto reeds (not included)



Fuselli makes only one size of JetSet. In this size you can carry most of the 64-keys button bayans. Naturally it is possible to use this bag for smaller instruments carrying, too. Only accordion which are higher than 48cm cannot be carried by JetSet. 


Here are the halves ready to go with you to the aeroplane.

You can carry also smaller instruments with the JetSet by using extra soften parts to fulfill empty space.


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