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Monster Pineland

Monster Pineland "Accordion Special" is a professional amplifier for accordion. It is a real tube amplifier with warm and deep sound, long reliable reverb, but minimal size and weight. The quality is quaranteed by 10 years warranty (except the tubes). If you need an amplifier, buy the best. 

This amp is perfect also for a jazz guitar. Available also the Flight Case for transporting and stand for the amp. Price for the case is 380,-. Extra 1 x 12" speaker 580,-.



Monster Flight case.jpg

The Flight Case...


“Accordion Special” is modified from 2017 Monster Pineland 15/25W 1x12" RDCA, one channel
Combo. The amp's audio response has been tuned exactly for accordion, it contains very interactive musical treble-, middle- and bass controllers with extra focus switces and master volume controllers.
Also the overdrive problem has been acoustically minimized. The amp consist also a very dynamic, widely varible, inner spring reverb with in/out controllers, adjustable line out -connection and possibility to an extra speaker.

- High-mu twin triodes
- 2 x 6V6 (American)
- 1 x 5AR4
- Custom built 2017 Monster transformers
25W Class AB1
- 2 parallel outputs with 4ohm / 8ohm switch
- Line out with level adjustment
- Dynamic balance
- Dynamic bias adjustment
- Scale, power scale adjustment
- Internal all tube spring reverb with send control
- Reverb off switch

 EQ controls:
Gate, LO level input
- Low, controls the bass frequencies
- Bloom switch, warmer tonestack voicing
- Mid, controls the middle frequencies
- Mid Boost switch, boost the middle frequencies
- High, controls the high frequencies
- Shine switch, boost the high frequencies
- Ride, highly musical clean channel pre amp volume
- Master, transparent overall volume for 1-25W scale
- Accent switch, boost the upper middle frequencies voicing
- Reverb, return level control
- 1 x Celestion G12H "Creamback" Neodym Speaker
- Aircraft aluminium chassis
- Semi-open 15mm finger jointed solid pine cabinet with aircraft
 aluminium interface
- Black & Red Tolex
- Black Diamond grill or Black grill gloth
- "F" handle and massive rubber paws
- 500mm H x 500mm W x 280mm D
- Weight ~18kg
- All point-to-point hand wired and signed by Juha Mäntymaa
- Quarantee 10-years (except the tubes)


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