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P. Makkonen: My Motherland


My Motherland is a solo accordion work composed by Petri Makkonen and commissioned by Cao Xiaoqing, the accordion professor of Beijing Conservatoire.

Requested by the commissioner, the melody of the piece is based on a famous Chinese song with the same title 我的祖國, Wǒde Zǔguó, which is composed by Liu Chi for a movie Battle on Shangganling Mountain (1956) telling about the Korean war. Like the original Chinese song also this Finnish - or rather universal present version - describes a soldier or anyone who is away from home thinking about his home and his family. Therefore it is actually a pure co-incidence helped with some Chinese influence that Petri Makkonen composed his own Motherland apropos in the year 2017 when Finland celebrated 100 years of independence.

My Motherland was premiered on November 17th 2017 at the International Accordion Festival in Beijing by accordion artist and teacher Xu Xiaonan. In addition to the beautiful melody and bright timbre this work gives to a performer an excellent opportunity to offer to the audience also rhythmical virtuosity. 




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